Sample Resume

The Player Profile Form s a good start to putting together the basic facts for a coach. Sometimes, however, a coach will request more or you will want to present something more formal to impress him/her. In that case you should expand the Profile Form to include more personal details and become a resume.

After you have filled out your Player Profile Form, it’s not difficult to turn it into a resume. It just takes a few headlines -- i.e. Your College Athletic Goals, Your Athletic Experience in High School, Your Educational Information -- to transform that form.

Below is a sample resume. You can adjust it to fit your needs. Have a little fun with the colors, borders and fonts as long as you keep it easy to read. You can even insert a picture if you would like. Not all of the information is necessary, but giving a coach lots of information in one concise sheet, can help your chances of remaining on his/her recruiting list.

Johnathan Smith
12 Any Street
Anytown, St 12345
Home Phone (123) 456-7890
Cell Phone (123) 456-7890

To play for an NCAA Division I team that offers opportunity for me to learn and grow as a player on a scholarship

College Tennis Goal:

Winning an NCAA Championship with my team


Ranked Top 10 Regionally
Ranked Top 100 Nationally

High School (Sport) Player
John F. Kennedy High School
Any City, Any State

State Champion - 2003
Awarded Most Valuable Player 2002, 2003


GPA: 3.8
Class Rank: 2 of 1000
SATs: 700 Math, 700 English

Date of Birth:

January 1, 1991

Expected Date of H.S. Graduate:

June, 2009

Physical Details:

6' 180 lbs, Right-Handed


Tom Jones, High School Coach
(123) 098-7654

Mary Little, High School Coach
(123) 098-7654

Bob Smart, High School Guidance Counselor
(123) 098-7654

Hobbies: Swimming, Yoga, Music, Dance